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Saskia Lehnert is an artist whose focus has been on creating landscapes that blend the outside physical world with the emotive, subconscious world of memories and dreams, layered and distilled through time. She is interested in pattern, and its ability to transcend its own abstraction to create space, convey emotions, tell stories, and appeal to the subconscious layers of the mind. Her work has taken many forms over the years, from video installation to Butoh dance performance to drawing, printmaking, and more. Saskia is a graduate of the Maryland Institute, College of Art, magna cum laude. She currently lives in Kansas City with her family.

Artist Statement

My thoughts form a landscape on the boundaries between dream and physicality.  Only, the boundaries do not exist, but bleed together in a constant state of flux. Patterns unfold in time. Emerging and reemerging, they build a landscape in their ebbs and flows. It is both a fleeting instant and as endless as the winds of time.
 Yet in a moment, you and the wind meet. You feel it as sensation, blowing against your hair, your skin and clothes as it travels past, entering your ears and filling you up as it resonates inside your head. You can’t catch it or hold onto it, only experience its force and the sensations of yourself inside of it.

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